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Hey guys! Happy new years!

I hope you all had a great holiday and got to spend some time with the people you love most, relaxing and eating good food.

Mmm, my mom's delicious chicken and mushroom julienne. Definitely not Paleo, but oh well.

I certainly did. I visited my mom for the holidays and had a bit too much food, and it wasn’t Paleo, mind you. If you’ve ever been in a Russian kitchen, you’ll know that you can’t say no to a Russian hostess when you’re offered food. It’s just not an option.

Especially when the hostess is your mom and she’s cooking all your favorite comfort foods from your childhood. Sigh.

And while most of my mom’s Russian food is generally healthy, it contains a good deal of dairy, cheese, and processed meats. So I kind of anticipated falling off the health-wagon when I went up to visit her.

I’m sure many of you can relate! The holidays are hard to avoid, and sometimes it’s easier to have a cheat day (or two, or three) instead of offending people with your dietary restrictions.

Judging by the amount of people starting Whole30 this month, we all got a little carried away over the holidays.

Join Me in Whole30 This Month

The Whole30 Program is a great (and totally free) way to get back on track with your diet and sort of reset your body after the gluttonous holidays.

It’s also the perfect way for someone new to start their healthy journey and dive in head-first into the world of Paleo. Whether it’s your New Years resolution, or just a way to get back on track, Whole30 makes it pretty easy to do.

It’s a 30 day program based on the Paleo principles:

If you’re doing it for the first time, expect to have a life-changing experience. When I first started Paleo, I used Whole30 to get a hang of it. It’s a little bit restrictive at first, but it’s the easiest way to quit all those “bad” foods. It’s basically going cold-turkey. And the results are astounding.

After the 30 days, you may introduce some of these foods back into your diet, if you want. For example, I normally have dairy (fermented dairy only, like kefir or yogurt) when I’m finished with Whole30. But most people enjoy the results so much, they end up sticking with Whole30 as-is for a while.


The best part about Whole30, in my opinion, is that it’s completely free and feels kind of crowdsourced. There’s a great community of bloggers, foodies, health nuts, and just regular people who come together online and share their best Whole30 recipes and tips.

There are some books you can buy if you need recipe ideas, but honestly, just go Pinterest and you’ll find everything you need.

Whole30 is so popular in the month of January, that there’s a whole hashtag dedicated to it! I encourage you to check out #JanuaryWhole30 on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks if you’re looking for some inspiration or support.

I hope you join me this month! I will be posting some of my favorite Whole30 recipes here and I hope you’ll stop by and share yours with me!

Are you doing Whole30 this month?

What are your favorite Whole30 recipes?

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