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I’ve seen a lot of recipes involving pork and apples, and I never really knew why those two always get paired together. Until I tried this delicious restaurant-style paleo pork chop dinner! I’ve got to admit, apples and pork are just like lemons and seafood – the flavors complement each other so well.

Apples and pork go together like lemon and seafood <3 #Paleo Pork Chops with Mushroom Sake…Click To Tweet

The inspiration for this recipe came from the Paleo Porn blog – so all credit goes to them. However, I did tweak some things to my liking, so here I am posting my version of this recipe. The man and I enjoyed it so much. He even said we should’ve saved this for tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) since it’s such a “fancy” dinner!

Note: this recipe contains mirin sake (made from rice). It is not strictly paleo, but 2 tbs won’t do any damage (for me, at least). However, if you need to substitute – sherry vinegar does the trick!​

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