Paleo Breakfast Ideas

From my experience, when trying to convince friends and families of the merits of the Paleo Lifestyle, the one area many struggle with is breakfast.

Breakfast to most non Paleo people is made up of oats, processed, sugary cereal, toast and juice. Sounds healthy right? WRONG! Unfortunately all of these foods are a recipe for raised blood sugar as they convert to sugar, and quickly. Long term this can lead to insulin resistance and fat storage.

I understand this is quite hard to swallow, mainly because we have been taught that cereals like Special K are power food and the best thing you can eat for breakfast. But its true, we have been lied to!

Here are Some Paleo Breakfast Ideas for you

Instead of eating this processed crap, you need to change your attitude to breakfasting and think differently about your first meal of the day. Most people choose to break their fast immediately on waking, while others decide to wait until later on to do so. Either is fine, unless you have endocrine issues and you should avoid skipping breakfast in order to help balance blood sugar levels. Don’t just skip breakfast to save time. If you are not hungry on waking that is fine, wait up to an hour, but do not allow yourself to get ravenous.

Now its time to speak FOOD! There are a number of options open to you. Many people love to have eggs and bacon, in their many forms, and I admit, on more chilled out mornings when I have time, I love to cook up a storm for breakfast. Eggs – fried, boiled, poached or an omelette are so convenient and delicious! And don’t forget the bacon as a treat! I usually add an avocado and some veg like tomatoes, asparagus or mushrooms. Fried breakfasts without the guilt?! Where could you go wrong?! Add a grain free sausage for a treat or a slice of Paleo Bread!

But what about the days when you are fed up of eggs and bacon?! (Yes it does and will happen!) Dont despair, there are other options! How about making a batch of Paleo muffins like these ones for days you are rushing or wanting something sweet? They freeze very well and can be thawed as needed. Or how about cooking up some “egg muffins” – mix together 6 eggs, red pepper, spring onions, salt, pepper and chopped bacon and pouring into muffin tins? Cook until set and you have handy egg breakfasts in a jiffy with just the need to reheat.

Still miss your oats? Mark’s Daily Apple has a now infamous No Oats Oatmeal which might just hit the spot! I have never tried it but it appears to be very popular! If you try it let me know what you think!

Of course if you think of breakfast in the same way a Caveman would, you wouldn’t have any hangups about the type of food you ate! Cavemen by their very nature ate what was available to them. This meant eating meat, fruit, root vegetables or whatever they had leftover from their latest kill. To replicate this you could eat whatever you have leftover from dinner the night before. Leftover salmon, steak or chicken with leftover veggies is as Paleo as you get and pretty delicious! The protein and nutrients will more than keep you feeling full and ready for the day!
Smoothies are another great way to eat on the go while filling up on nutrients! Make a smoothie from fruit, berries, banana, almond or coconut milk and veggies such as spinach. Add fats/ protein like flaxseed, avocado or nuts to slow down absorption of those fruit sugars.

I hope I have given you some ideas on what to eat for the most important meal of the day. Breakfast should be delicious, nutritious and easy. But don’t forget it doesnt have to take on the usual form! Be imaginative and creative and enjoy!

What Paleo Breakfast did you have?

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