Have Yourself a Paleo Valentine’s Day

How to have a Paleo #valentinesday + dinner menu

This year, we are staying in for Valentine’s day. For a lot of reasons:

  1. Restaurants are crazy on Valentine’s Day!
  2. Restaurants often use non-paleo ingredients in even their healthiest dishes.
  3. We’re on a strict budget. #studentloans4life

This won’t be the first Valentine’s Day that we’re spending “in.” Personally, I enjoy that far more than a trip out. We get to spend the whole day together, prepping for dinner, making yummy (and healthy) food, watching our favorite movies, laughing and just hanging out.

He usually runs out for flowers and a bottle of wine…

It might be a bit cliche, but oh well! All girls secretly enjoy flowers and wine once in a while, am I right?

Paleo Valentines Day dinner menu! Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free

Of course, the best part about it is hanging out with my sweetheart. But the second-best part is that I get to cook something awesome and make sure it’s cooked with the right ingredients!

I won’t have to deal with feeling blah after eating something non-Paleo and I’ll get to do my favorite activity.

I like getting lost in cooking, without any rush, with a glass of wine by my side. I love trying new flavor combinations and adding “new twists” to my food. It’s fun to cook a “special” dinner. It’s something different.

I did come up with a menu though, which I definitely won’t follow to a T, but it sounds like an awesome Paleo Valentine’s Day menu to start with.

For some reason, I associate the most romantic and sexy dinners with steak. Did I mention I’m a steak girl?

So steak is a must on my list. Chocolate, too (duh). And this year I’m going to attempt these adorable French stuffed mushrooms. French = romantic, right?


These French-style stuffed mushrooms from A Squirrel in the Kitchen are made with garlic and provence herbs. They are completely Paleo and autoimmune protocol (AIP) compliant, making them an awesomely healthy starter. I’m already imagining the aroma!

Other great appetizers to try:

Bacon-wrapped dates | Tastes Lovely

Heirloom tomato avocado caprese salad | Cook Eat Paleo

Bacon-wrapped avocados (replace brown sugar w/coconut sugar) | Oh, Sweet Basil

Main Entree

Delicious flank steak with a Paleo teriyaki sauce! #paleo #dinner #grainfree #soyfree

For the main dish, I’m still head over heels with my Teriyaki Flank Steak recipe that I made a few weeks ago. I loved it so much, I can’t wait to have it again and I think it’ll make a perfect Paleo Valentine’s Day dinner entree. The teriyaki sauce used in this recipe is made with coconut aminos, so it’s completely soy-free.

Other great entrees to try:

Beef sirloin with fresh herb marinade | Paleo Leap

Filet mignon in mushroom wine sauce (replace butter w/ghee) | Natasha’s Kitchen

Sweet blackberry glazed salmon with asparagus | The Everyday Epicurist


Delicious paleo chocolate molten lava cake! Grain free, dairy free. Perfect for #Valentines

No Valentine’s day is complete without a little bit of sweetness, and I’m not just talking about the romance!

My favorite dessert ever is Chocolate Lava Cake, and I finally figured out how to make it Paleo. It’s amazing. It’s hot and gooey on the inside with a decadent chocolate flavor. This stuff contains dark chocolate, honey, almond flour and flax seeds, but no sugar, flour or milk.

Other great desserts to try:

Chocolate-covered strawberry brownies | Bakerita

Almond double thumbprint heart cookies {paleo} | Wicked Good Kitchen

The best Paleo chocolate truffles | Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! What are your favorite Valentine’s Day dishes?

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