Coconut Aminos: A Healthy Substitute for Soy Sauce

I am obsessed with this “secret” Paleo ingredient: coconut aminos. It’s a healthy and tasty sauce that acts as a good substitute for soy sauce in all of my cooking. It looks and tastes very much like soy sauce, but it’s made out of coconut sap.

The best part? It’s soy- and gluten-free.

coconut aminos soy sauce substitute

So if you, like me, were ever doubting your dietary choices, wondering how you’ll make it through life without your favorite Asian dishes and good marinade (UM, no soy sauce?) – you’re in luck, my friend.

Coconut aminos makes this possible without the soy sauce.

Benefits of Coconut Aminos

In case you were still wondering – yes, coconut aminos is paleo.

As the name suggests, it contains many amino acids – which are building blocks for proteins – responsible for our immune system, muscle repair, brain function, metabolism, and much more.

Some of the 17 amino acids found in coconut aminos are associated with pretty important stuff, like stress prevention, cognition, prostate health and cardiovascular health. Definitely a good thing to replace soy sauce with even if you’re not following the Paleo diet.

Furthermore, coconut aminos is low-glycemic (35) and contains 65% less sodium than regular soy sauce.

The coconut sap is mixed with sea salt and naturally aged to create this sauce, with no sneaky ingredients or questionable processing. It is essentially raw and retains all of its health benefits.

You can use it with sashimi, in marinates, in sauces, in hamburger… literally any way you’d use soy sauce.

marinaded steak

What does Coconut Aminos taste like?

To me, it’s indistinguishable from soy sauce. To be fair, I haven’t had real soy sauce in like, a year.

Most people can notice a slight difference – coconut aminos is said to be a little sweeter than soy sauce. But the flavor, generally, is very similar.

Where to buy Coconut Aminos

You can find coconut aminos in most health stores (Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe) and some supermarkets (I’ve heard Wegmans carries it). Another good place to look is Asian stores like Hmart.

If you don’t have one of those stores around, you can order coconut aminos online. Amazon (affiliate) carries it for around $11 a bottle, and if you’re a Thrive member, you can get it for about $4 here. (affiliate)

Check out my Paleo Chicken Lettuce Wraps (inspired by my PF Chang’s favorite,) – I recreated the sauce using coconut aminos and we love it.

Have you used coconut aminos? Are there other brands you can recommend? Let me know what you think of coconut aminos as a substitute for soy sauce in the comments!!!

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