Awesome DIY Face Mask (Using Bentonite Clay and ACV)

DIY face mask for clear and balanced skin using bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Super simple and effective!

Store-bought masks and creams never worked for me. Whether they promise to “clean” your skin and get rid of acne, or moisturize and soften it – they always leave me disappointed and mad that I bothered spending the money in the first place.

Now that I think about it, it’s my fault. Why would I think a $30 container full of toxic chemicals would improve my skin? Skin is a living, breathing organ that – similarly to your other organs – requires care. You don’t feed yourself fragrance and formaldehyde expecting your body to be healthy in return, so why would you “feed” your skin with those chemicals and expect a good result?

As an adult with occasional cystic acne, I have learned that the best way to prevent breakouts is to keep my body healthy and clean naturally. I found that eating a healthy diet and using all-natural skin treatments leads to the best results. So today I want to share with you my favorite natural face mask that I do about 2-3 times a week to keep my skin glowing and clear.

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The best part about this face mask is that it only uses 2 ingredients that you might already have at home: bentonite clay (affiliate link) and apple cider vinegar! Both of those ingredients have multiple health uses, so I highly recommend having them in your home. When mixed together, they create an amazing detoxifying mask that makes my skin feel amazing. If you suffer from any adult acne, I seriously urge you to try this, because it really helped me.

Just today I woke up with a huge, painful, red cyst deep under the skin on my chin. I get these occasionally. I applied this mask for 30 minutes and once I washed it off, the cyst has decreased in size, doesn’t hurt and is pretty much unnoticeable. If you’ve ever had cystic acne, you know just how hard they are to get rid of. This mask is a miracle.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

It’s no surprise that this mask works so well. Bentonite clay has been used all over the world for thousands of years by different cultures because of its healing properties. Even animals understand the benefits of healing clays – they actually search for and eat clay during times of illness!


Bentonite clay is made up of volcanic ash. It has a unique property – it gets an electric charge when mixed with a liquid, such as water or apple cider vinegar. This electric charge allows it to attract and absorb toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities.

Animals eat it in hopes that it will “pull” the illness-causing toxin or poison out of their systems. Several native cultures used bentonite clay to purify their drinking water.

Additionally, bentonite clay has a high concentration of minerals that our bodies need.

Bentonite clay has dozens of uses, and it’s very cheap! It’s a must have for my natural beauty arsenal. You can buy it at most health stores, or on Amazon (affiliate link).

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

I’m sure you’ve heard by now how amazing apple cider vinegar is, especially the organic unfiltered kind that still contains the “mother” (the fermentation bacteria). There are probably hundreds of ways you can use ACV. It’s an old folk remedy that has been used for centuries to treat all sorts of different ailments.

But for skincare purposes, apple cider vinegar has one very important property: it is high in acetic acid. Acetic acid is an antimicrobal/antibacterial, helping you kill the bad bacteria that contribute to pimples and inflammation on your face.

It also balances the pH levels of your skin and removes dead skin cells. It’s like a natural exfoliator. I use it in my makeup remover for that reason too.

Apple cider vinegar (affiliate link) is cheap, and you can buy it just about anywhere. I highly recommend you buy the organic unfiltered version, because the live bacteria in the “mother” is believed to be the source of the majority of these benefits.

How to make the Bentonite Clay healing mask

To make your mask, you will need:

  • 1/2 tsp bentonite clay
  • 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • a non-metal bowl
  • a non-metal spoon (or something to mix it with)

It’s super simple to make! You will need a 1:1 ratio of the bentonite clay to apple cider vinegar. Mix them together. You’ll notice the mixture starts to bubble a bit from the chemical reaction of the ACV with clay. Mix it up until it’s well mixed and apply directly to your face. Avoid putting it on your eyelids as the skin there is too thin and too close to your delicate eyeballs!

Leave the mask on for at least 30 mintues, although I’ve gone as long as an hour on some days. It won’t damage your skin. You will feel your skin tightening as the mask dries, but don’t be alarmed.

Once the time is up, gently wash it off with some lukewarm water and enjoy your glowing face!

Well, there it is, my beauties. Enjoy this potent, naturally-healing mask and never waste another $30 on a jar of chemical disappointment.

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