7 Facts About the Paleo Lifestyle

There are many benefits to going paleo! There are also some misconceptions about what paleo is and isn’t. Here are 7 bits of information that are totally true about going paleo!

1. Improve Your Digestive System

paleo for digestive

Many people think that paleo is just a diet. Yes, it’s great for weight loss, but it has other, much more significant and life-changing health benefits. Cutting out dairy , legumes and grains relieves many digestive symptoms, such as bloating, gassiness, and general discomfort. Some people even say paleo reduces their symptoms of more serious digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

2. It’s More Than Just About Food

paleo yoga

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “paleo is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” (I’ve definitely said it myself!) and it’s kind of true for most people. I would hope that learning about healthier food and health in general would shift your mind toward a healthier lifestyle overall. Most people start exercising regularly in addition to changing their eating habits. I also focus on stress management, because stress has such powerful and destructive effects on our physical and mental health. Yoga is definitely your friend if you’re going paleo.

3. Paleo Helps With Autoimmune Disorders

autoimmune paleo

Did you know that 50 million americans suffer from an autoimmune disorder? There are different types of autoimmune disorders: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Celiac disease, Type I Diabetes, and many more. Some believe that autoimmune disorders stem from a condition known as a leaky gut, which is a general term for a permeable intestinal lining. It basically lets substances “slip through” into the bloodstream, thus wrecking havoc on your immune system. Foods that irritate your intestinal lining are grains, sugars, processed foods, and dairy. So the paleo diet is definitely worth a try for anyone dealing with a leaky gut situation. However, there have been few studies on the relationship between leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders, so treat this as a hypothesis still in need of further research.

4. It Helps Those With a Sweet Tooth

paleo sugar

Reducing sugars and carbs evens out your blood sugar levels, so you can say good-bye to those crazy candy / brownie / whipped cream cravings. So if you thought having a sweet-tooth would make this diet harder, you’d be surprised! And although I still crave something sweet sometimes, I can satisfy that with some roasted honey cinnamon almonds. Mmmm…

5. You Can Still Have Bread…

grain-free bread

Well, kind of. Think about it, bread’s only problem is that it’s made with flour. Well, replace the flour with almond flour. Or coconut flour. Or flaxseed. Or all 3 mixed together for a perfect flour-replacement. Your “bread” will never be the same as those delicious french baguettes at the supermarket, but it will still be bread. And you can use it as bread. In all your favorite recipes that call for bread. And you can’t feel bad about eating it. (Just kidding, as with all foods, please eat it in moderation.)

6. Paleo is about Healthy Fats

paleo fats

Paleo is about many things. But one thing most people always ask about is the “high” fat content in most paleo foods: eggs, nuts, meat, coconut milk, and salmon. But the point about paleo isn’t to starve yourself of nutrients and deprive it of fats. That would be terribly unhealthy and ineffective! Instead, it’s about selecting the right kind of fats, the good fats, fats that are vital to your body’s health and won’t end up in your waistline. While, of course, eliminating the fats and other toxins that are harmful.

7. Paleo is Not Necessarily “Low-Carb”

sweet potato paleo

Yes, we remove grains and starches out of our diet and we claim “it’s not necessarily low-carb!” – how does that make sense? But the truth is, the current “normal” american diet is actually high-carb. Everyone loads up on breads, pastas, grains and potatoes with every single meal, and then they sit around all day. We are consuming way too many carbohydrates for our own good. Paleo aims to bring the amount of carbs one consumes back down to what our bodies really require to function in our modern-day, comfortable, society. You still eat plenty of carbs in paleo, by the way. You just eat carbs that are also packed with other nutrients and don’t fill you up with empty calories.

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